2022: A year in review

2022: A year in review

It’s the last day of the year and I usually love doing a round up of my year. This year was definitely a mixed bag and I feel as if I’ve lived an entire lifetime in 1 year. From the worst place to the best place. What a roller coaster it has been.

2022 has been a really challenging year for me.

I lost my partner suddenly last March, navigating grief as a single mum was really the most difficult thing I’ve had to endure. Having such an understanding, warm and beautiful community on here kept me in the light.

I moved house in the summer and went back to teaching in the real world and that was one of the most healing things I could have done. Being amongst people making things really lifted me up! I got my mojo back and collaborated with fellow Northumberland Artist Jon Bradley and we launched a Cyanotype course. I really hope there will be more collaborative workshops in 2023 and have big plans to work with more artists (if you’d like to work together please do get in touch).

I let go of some toxic friendships! Totally recommend it! Life is short after all - fill it with only your people! 

I also made the largest book I’ve ever made for fellow paper artist Bethan Maddocks. The deadline was just a couple of weeks after John died but it felt like the most vital thing in the world to finish the book, which I did with the help of friends and a student who just hopped on a train, no questions asked, to stay with me and support me. Good grief people are amazing!

I worked with some new and old friends teaching bookbinding and box making and lucky me! I get to do even more of this next year! In fact the first quarter of 2023 is fully booked with projects.

Despite grieving, I managed to launch several new courses. The most popular new course was the Drop spine toolbox project. But the best selling course for the second year in a row was the Chinese Thread Book. Wow you guys love that one! I also adapted this into a mega version for an Advent Calendar which was a big hit! 

It’s quite incredible to think that when I look back on this I achieved so much. A lot of people would take more time out of work and there were definitely times I wanted to do that. But keeping working and especially staying creative was a great healer. I’m in such a great place now with my daughter and relationships with people I surround myself with today. Life is wonderful.

I’ll leave you with these lovely student books and there’s still 20% off if you would like to join any of our workshops.

Stay warm and safe in 2023

Yvette Ja




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