Feature Make! Coptic Books + Secret Belgian Binding

Feature Make! Coptic Books + Secret Belgian Binding

This week, I’m featuring the Exposed Coptic Binding Tutorial. I’ve also matched it with the Secret Belgian Binding Tutorial, because the two binding methods are really similar.

It’s best to start with the Coptic Binding, it will help you to understand the Secret Belgian Binding better.

Coptic is essentially a chain stitch which attaches all of the pages together. Once the technique is mastered, it looks visually beautiful, which is why you see a lot of exposed stitches in bookbinding. This is where the book has no spine and can reveal the stitching.

With this technique, your book will always lay flat which is great for writing and drawing in your book.

However, the downside of this means that there is more chance for fraying or getting caught on something that might release a thread.



However in all my years of bookbinding that hasn’t really ever happened. Ultimately don’t worry, make the book, you just won’t regret it. I promise.


Secret Belgian Binding is a lovely variation on Coptic. You make the covers in three sections - front, spine and back cover. Then you do a lovely weave through the three sections, before attaching your pages using the Coptic method. It’s so satisfying and you get such lovely finishes with both books.

My tutorial is made for the beginner bookbinder, is delivered through video tutorials and you can watch it forever. The course is lifetime access so don’t worry about not finishing it, there’s lots of opportunity to go back. You also have access to a free Facebook group where you can post pictures and ask questions.

There are a few kits left if you want everything shipped to your door. Or see the materials list to see if you already have them in your home studio.

Join this course here. Let me know how you get on!


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