Hello 2021 - Make Books!!

Hello 2021 - Make Books!!

Hello New Year. I mean yes it’s February and I’m wholly behind on any New Yeary. But it hasn’t been a normal year and life has definitely thrown us a lemon tree or two.

I did however, want to share all the fantastic things that are happening within the walls of my courses. I launched a bookbinding course a couple of weeks ago which goes heavily into stitched structures. As a textile person this is what I love most about making books. The sewing! Oh the sewing!!!

Before you ask we do, do some sewing in the intro course but the juicy stuff is in the Sewn Structures course. On the intro we mostly dip our toes into the pamphlet stitch before progressing to a buttonhole binding which I like to call ‘more pamphlet but together’. 

The new course we get more technical and that’s just heaven for me. Here’s a few images of what to expect:


Tunnel book with hedebo

Coptic stitch book



French link + coptic stitch combo binding

if you’d like to join over 40 of us check out the course in full here.

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