Hexham Creatives Co-Working Day

Hexham Creatives Co-Working Day

Last Friday I hosted the first Co-working day in Hexham for artists and creatives working in the cultural sector.

It was held at Queens Hall, Hexham and was set up initially by Culture Northumberland who have also set one up in Alnwick and soon there will also be one in Berwick too! More details about those are here.

Northumberland is a huge county and largely rural, so if you are an artist and want to live and work here, you’re often working alone. With very little established studio support, the idea of a monthly Co-working day is much needed, and definitely one I wanted to be part of.

After an initial worry that no one would turn up after I got a couple of cancellations, I was very relieved to see 11 other creatives come and bring their work. We had 4 writers, 3 bookbinders, a singer, an inventor and 3 visual artists.

I’ve been to Co-working days before, where everyone had a laptop and needed a socket and really good wifi. What I loved about this one was that people brought drawing materials, made books, worked on automata, wrote poems and shared with everyone. it was fantastically eclectic and the vibe was so full of life and ideas… and hopefully connection and collaboration too.

The next one is on Friday 10th March, meeting at 10am. Sign up here so I know how many chairs and tables to set out.

Enjoy these images of our lovely group!

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