Let’s Make Books (and other stuff)! #1

Let’s Make Books (and other stuff)! #1

A new regular blog ‘Let’s Make Books (and other stuff)’ is here.

I’m sharing books and paper arts projects made by students on my courses. We have been sharing our makes on my free Facebook group. I thought it would be fun to start sharing some projects on my blog too so we can get inspired and keep making.

If you want to join my lovely book community please join here. It’s a closed group to keep the spam out.


&The books above were made by artist and art historian Janet Davis. She joined the Introduction to Bookbinding Course last year before quickly progressing onto the Coptic Book course. I love how she’s used her own prints for the covers.

Janet has written loads about her bookbinding journey on instagram so if you’d like to take a look and see her progress go and follow her.

Watch out for an interview with Janet on the blog very soon!


Mariana Gimpe made this amazing Advent Calendar which uses the Chinese Thread book method. There are 25 pockets in total but some are secret.
It’s housed on a clamshell style box so will keep you going every Christmas. I LOVE the cherry blossom paper she’s used for the interior, I might need to track down some of that for my own books.



Lastly is this Rabbit + Moon mini make by Jan Broderick who has taken 6 of my courses. Wow thank you Jan! I’m very much into the amazing shadow this has created!

Which one is your favourite? Leave me a comment to let me know. 

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