New Book Sculptures

New Book Sculptures

I made these two new book sculptures recently. They form part of my Sewing Sculpture series, which reference women’s role in bookbinding. Women were traditionally confined to only sewing and folding paper while men made the covers (and took the credit).

I’m working with a new colour palette this year, which I’ll explain in a future post as it’s linked to a whole new body of work.

For these sculptures, I like to marry materials from the domestic home with materials from the bindery to show the role of women in both spaces. So using objects (often round to form a full circle) to bind into, which when purchased are then re-sited back into the domestic space.
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These are beautiful—no less for the COLOR! Having completed a couple of fabric indigo projects while thinking “I should do this on paper,” I swooned extra over this work. Also, because you mentioned women’s restricted roles in book binding, I’m reminded of Jane Johnson’s book called The Tenth Gift. The story includes thru line that acknowledges restrictions upon women in embroidery! Thank you for sharing this peek. I’m eager to hear more!

Leslie Shaw

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