New! Pop up Plant Card

New! Pop up Plant Card

Pop up Plants

🌵 Make Time: 2.5 hrs

🌵 Level: Beginner

🌵 4 X 10 Minute video tutorials

🌵 Materials: Coloured Paper, A4 Card,  glue stick + scissors


I’ve released a new make this month. This cute Pop up Plant Card just in time for Spring!

This project is a more in depth version of a project on the Introduction to Pop ups Course which features six paper engineering methods to make your own pop up books.

If that’s too much and you just want to try one project first, then this one is a good one to go with. It looks complicated, but just between you and me, it really isn’t. It’s very basic Kirigami (paper folding and cutting) and once you get that down, you’re flying.

The part of the project that takes the longest is making your own collages. I made this one with plants, like they are on a walled garden. But you can make anything in your shelf. Teapots, cats, watering cans? What do you collect? You can also gather wrapping paper and cut out the pattern elements on it or use stickers.

The tutorial shows you some simple ways to make collages out of coloured paper. A fun tip that I’ve seen paper illustrators use is to make their own patterned paper by painting and stamping paper in different colours and then cutting it up. I’m defo trying that next time.


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