Tools + Tool Boxes Oh My!

Tools + Tool Boxes Oh My!

This week I’m featuring the Drop Spine Tool Box masterclass as my make of the week.

Box making is a big part of bookbinding and I love to use it as a way to keep prints, or protect a really special book. It’s also great to create boxes with compartments. I use this one for my bookbinding tools. 

For this box, I wanted to have space for a book in the lower level, so I could write or draw if I was going on a train journey.

I used paper from Cambridge Imprint and book cloth from Ratchfords. Then the closure is a clamshell mechanism which meant I didn’t need a buckle to hold it together.

The course shows you how to make this tool box to these dimensions, so you can make your own. However you can adapt the method to make boxes of any size. Here’s some of my favourites from my students.


Hope you enjoyed seeing these beautiful boxes and are inspired to create your own! If you have any questions leave them in the comments below.


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