Tutorial : Kirigami Hanbok

Tutorial : Kirigami Hanbok

It’s Korean Thanksgiving today so I thought I would share a tutorial on how to make a Korean Kirigami Hanbok.

We’re a mixed race household and try and celebrate both our Korean and British culture. My daughter loves that she is a mix and it is wonderful to see how proud she is that she is from two cultures.

I make a big deal of Chuseok, even though we are far away from any family, it has always been me that’s made sure we acknowledge it. This year is the first time she will learn about its origins and we will bring some new traditions in our family of 2. 

Chuseok is a celebration of the harvest and is also known as the festival of the harvest moon, as the moon is often at its fullest during this time. It is a symbol of prosperity. There is a folk tale that is told at this time called The Rabbit Moon. My friends blog Through Books We Grow has posted a blog about some of the stories around Chuseok.

Moon cakes are often eaten on this day so we will make our own version later along with our paper dolls.

Are you celebrating Chuseok? What does your lockdown feast look like? Leave me a comment below.



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