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Yvette Ja

Blue Sewing Circle Book Sculpture

Blue Sewing Circle Book Sculpture

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New For 2023

Blue Sewing Circle Book Sculpture

* this artwork is part of the artist support pledge on Instagram. Please see below for details.

A Book Sculpture consisting of hand dyed Khadi watercolour paper bound around a vintage metal ring using traditional bookbinding stitching.

  • 19cm diameter x 4cm
  • Colour: Blue paper with Yellow linen thread
  • Unframed or Framed


These Sewing Circle Sculptures depict the role of women in bookbinding who were confined to only sewing and folding in the bindery (mirroring their domestic roles in the home) while men made the covers (and took the credit).

The term Sewing circle is a play on words of a sewing circle (embroidery hoop) and sewing circle describing a group of people (usually women) who would meet to sew together.

In these pieces I use a domestic object like an embroidery hoop or curtain ring and use traditional bookbinding stitches (French link stitch + Kettle Stitch) to create this sculpture.

Made by Yvette Ja, 2023

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