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Yvette Ja

Creativity Island for Mums, The Journal

Creativity Island for Mums, The Journal

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New in the shop!

I’ve teamed up with long time collaborator and friend Claire Venus to bring this wonderful journal to my shop.

Aimed at new mothers with children under 3, this beautifully designed journal helps you to find your creativity in what are the hardest years of motherhood.

Here’s what Claire has to say.


Do you want to make space for yourself in your early motherhood years?

Do you want to slow down time and be in the present moment MORE?

Do you want to understand how you can better have time for yourself amidst all the pressures motherhood brings?

Creativity Island for Mums gives you;

creative and productivity inspiration
space to record, think, journal, note take, plan, think, day dream, doodle!
comfort – it’s like a best friend you didn’t know you needed to hold your hand through those early motherhood years (most suitable for the first three)

The Journal is…

The pandemic brought us opportunities to feel into our life differently, to make more of what’s right here on our doorstep and this journal gifts space to you even if the outside world feels a million miles an hour.

This journal is part best friend, part notebook, part self discovery tool.

It’s spiral bound purposely so it lays flat and you can pop a pen in the spine, a5 size and has;

* over 30 blank pages for recording or scrapbooking your thoughts/ photos

* professional mentor (me) and artist led creativity prompts to help you weave creative activity and big dreams into your first motherhood years

* space and formulas for planning your life a little to help you find balance

* writing prompts to help you process your feelings around life as a mum and add lots of sparkle to your days.

It’s designed for mothers with little ones under three who are on a journey of healing and self discovery.

It allows space to process your thoughts, organise your ‘to-do’s and make space for creativity to bring joy to your days together with your little one.

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