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Introduction to Bookbinding

Introduction to Bookbinding

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This Bookbinding Across the World course will take you on a journey of the art of bookmaking across the world. Inspired by how different cultures have made books, we will visit countries across Asia, Europe and the Middle East to learn bookbinding from scratch.

On this course we will visit a different continent each week and explore at least 8 book structures across the course. By the end of the course you’ll have completed 8 book projects with the knowledge and skills to carry on making books and telling your friends all about how amazing it is.


Who is it for?

This course is aimed at the beginner but would also suit someone who wants a refresher course in the basics of bookbinding. No experience is necessary.



The course is delivered across 6 weeks and short tutorials will be released to your inbox every week to watch at your own pace.

Each week You will also receive:

  • Two short video tutorials of two book structures 
  • a materials suppliers list
  • a bookbinding jargon buster to tell you what a signature or bone folder is.
  • access to our members only Facebook group
  • a cheat sheet which includes little short cuts and tips I have collected over the past 18 years of making books. 


Week 1 - The basics

This week we will look at the tools and materials you need to get started in your bookbinding journey. We will also go through a few terms and words you will hear throughout the course. A Bookbinding glossary PDF will be available so you can easily refer back when you need to.

We will start our journey in China and explore the fantastic world of paper folding to make some very simple pop up structures. Folding paper is the first thing you learn when making books so we’ll see just how far folding paper takes us.

By the end of week 1 you will have constructed a set of folded structures and a folder to keep them safe.


Week 2 - Stitching + Binding 

This week is all about learning sewn structures. You will learn how to measure, pierce and sew signatures and form 3 simple sewn book structures.

We’re heading to The west this week where single section Pamphlet stitch was widely used in Europe and America. We will learn two variations of this and combine our folded structures we learned in week 1 for a third book.

We will focus on soft covers, incorporating hidden flaps and pockets to keep extra lists (or secrets) within.

Week 3 - Stab Books + scrolls

We’ve landed in Korea and Japan and will explore the Stab binding and ancient scrolls which has origins in both countries.

We will also explore mulberry and rice paper and have a go at natural dyeing our papers using plants and natural mordants. You don’t want to miss this week.


Week 4 - Covers and Boxes

This week is dedicated to hard covers and box making. We will have a go at making a miniature clam shell box and  long stitch binding book which incorporates and expands on some of the sewn structures we did in Week 2.


Week 5 - Is it a book or a box? Or so much more?

We’re back in China to learn about the Chinese Thread Book, a beautiful expanding structure with multiple enclosures. Perfect for holding small items or all of your secrets 😊


Week 6

Our final week and we’re in Turkey to make a map. The Turkish map fold is another great no sew binding, we will also incorporate some map making skills to make memory maps of our journey and beyond. A perfect way to say farewell.



You will have access to my private Book Arts Facebook group for anyone who has taken one of my courses. Here you can share your books, ask questions for anyone or myself to answer.



Need a bit of extra support with a stitch or project? Come to one of the live meet ups on Zoom.

Tool Kits


Tool Kits are optional on this course as some of you might already have some of the tools.

Included is:

  • 2x Bonefolders
  • awl
  • 6 bookbinders needles
  • glue brush
  • ruler
  • thread cutters
  • A4 cutting mat
  • scalpel
  • beeswax
  • book cloth
  • book board
  • A4 white paper
  • specialist Paper
  • linen thread in 3 colours


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